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BORACAY Paradise island clean-up starts
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: *
Date: 2006-10-24
THE Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) has started cleaning up operations on the world famous white beach on Boracay Island recently after the recent issuance of Executive Order No. 156 Series of 2006 dated Oct. 5, directing owners of business establishments in Boracay Island to clear illegal structures and individual landscaping and beautification of the front beach area facing their respective properties and establishments.

Cong. Florencio Miraflores, Malay Mayor Ciceron Cawaling and representatives from the Provincial government of Aklan witnessed the Boracay front beach clearing operations.

Pursuant to its mandate, the PTA under general manager and CEO Robert Dean S. Barbers is enforcing Malay Municipal Ordinances 96-97 and 2001-131, regulating the construction of all buildings and other structures in the island. Upon the creation of a task force, the PTA has determined that 69 establishments had illegal structures that were encroaching on the "NO BUILD ZONE."

Some of the establishments constructed permanent structures despite only being granted temporary permits stipulating the use of only light materials but have already extended their facilities towards, and nearer the waterline.

"Boracay is a magnet for both foreign and domestic tourists with arrivals increasing by more than 15 percent every year, generating almost R10 billion in receipts for the stakeholders in the island. Sustainable development is the key to maintaining and preserving the beauty and environment of the island," said Barbers.

The area to be cleared covers 25 meters from established markers and this encompasses the "NO BUILD AREA" declared in Malay Municipal Ordinances 96-97 and 2001-131. "The ordinances were issued as early as 1996. It’s been a long time coming and we must uphold the rule of law. Since the law says that all structures within the NO BUILD ZONE must be set back 25 meters, this designated area must be cleared," added Barbers.

Asked about his reaction on the clearing operations, an expat resort owner who requested anonymity said, "We’d like Boracay to retain its natural appeal and unhampered view of the white beach. I guess it only took the strong political will of someone like GM Barbers to put the development of the island in the right perspective. We’ve cleared our frontage already as they asked and we will support him all the way."

With its famous white sands and bustling everyday all night parties, the heavy influx of tourists was accompanied by relentless rapid developments on Boracay’s front beach that now mars its natural beauty. The front beach is now littered with structures used as stockyards for construction waste and debris.

"One of the reasons I chose to settle here was because of the wide front beach. Now the resorts are almost at the waterline. It’s good that they’re clearing the area so everybody has a chance to really enjoy Boracay’s white beach," commented a Filipino resort owner.

Asked about the status of the water supply and sewerage on the island, Barbers replied, "We are convincing the owners of the establishments to stop using ground water and have themselves connected to the sewerage system of the Boracay Waterworks and Sewerage System so we had a big billboard installed at the municipal plaza listing the violators. We are also doing the drainage system to help secure the island’s water supply."

The PTA is currently undertaking the construction of a drainage system, having already established a water and sewerage system on the island. The Boracay Waterworks and Sewerage System (BWSS) supplies clean water to residences, resorts as well as other institutions.

"It is good that the stores are pushed back so that there is more beach to enjoy. With the new sewerage and drainage system, Boracay would be better than ever," commented a Korean national. Koreans are consistently in the top three nationalities visiting Boracay along with the North Americans and the Japanese.

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