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This side of paradise in Cagayan Valley
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: Imelda J. Leanno
Date: 2006-12-13
TUCKED in the northeastern part of Cagayan Valley is the quaint town of Sta. Ana.

This unspoiled town offers adventure-seekers the elements of a real nature trip great beaches, breathtaking vistas, lush foliage, and diverse natural attractions.

From the view on top of the hill of Barangay Marede, you can see the panoramic view of the vast fields that seem to extend as far as the eyes can see and different variety of trees and fruits. During the cold season, one can feel bone-chilling air.

Sta. Ana is also abundant of marine life, shell fish, root crops and various exotic animals like deer, wild hog etc.

Topping the list of its most visited spots are Palaui Island in San Vicente which is the source of most of the fresh fishes and other marine life of Cagayanons; the Manidad or Crocodile Island which got its name due to its appearance that resembles a floating crocodile; Mapurao Beach, a favorite picnic spots of both locals and tourists. Mapurao also boasts of crystal-clear waters, reefs teeming with fishes ideal for diving, and fine, white sand beaches.

Another must-see is Cape Engano, home to a fascinating cave and a Spanish-built lighthouse, an 11-meter-high octagonal-shaped tower built on top of the mountain. The Angib Beach, locally known as the "Golden Beach" is a crowddrawer because of its golden sand and clear waters.

In nearby Barangay Sta. Clara, the Boaccag Falls beckons tourists to bathe in its clean and refreshing waters.

Sta. Ana has more than a dozen beach resorts the nipa-hut type which are made of bamboo and anahaw leaves, offering comfy accommodations without the frills of a hotel. Fast boats are available for rent along the shore for tourists who wants to roam around or go fishing.

Lastly, the people of Sta. Ana are warm and hospitable, always eager to welcome visitors to their place.

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