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Discovering Alona Beach in Bohol
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: -
Date: 2007-02-21
BEACH lovers who are weary of the overcrowded, overhyped and hackneyed white sand tourist attractions in the Philippines are about to be let in on what may still be one of the few remaining, little-known secrets among vacation hunters a destination in the Visayas that is waiting to be discovered.

Ever heard of Bohol? Yes, it is known for its Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and some of the best dive spots in the Philippines. But did you know that it also has one of the best beach strips you will find in the Philippines?

Bohol is just an hour plane ride from Manila or an hour-and-a-half ferry ride from Cebu. It is just as accessible as Boracay and Cebu. The difference lies in the fact that Bohol is not much cosmopolitan. Not as crowded. But Bohol guarantees tourists a quiet and relaxing vacation. In fact the most famous beach strip at the Southwest end of Bohol, called Alona Beach, looks like Boracay, 20 years ago.

Alona Beach is an interesting discovery in little Bohol. It is located in Panglao Island, only 30 minutes away from Tagbilaran Airport by land. Imagine a one-and-a-half kilometer beach strip with fine white sand, calm and pristine waters, rows of quaint resorts aligned along the coastline and quiet ambiance. The best part is, there are not too many people walking all around. It almost feels like you have the beach all to yourself.

Only at Alona Beach can you read a book and go sunbathing the whole day and nobody will even bother you.

This April, a new resort will open in Alona Beach. Amorita Resort, the newest destination likely to become a favorite stop among holidaymakers, offers a vacation in style with its private villas. Here, you can relax the whole afternoon in the infinity pool. In the evening, drink wine in the villa right in your own jacuzzi overlooking the sea.

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