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Durano’s 6 reasons why Koreans love coming to RP
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: -
Date: 2007-06-17
There are actually more if you ask the Koreans who have become avid Philippine visitors. But for Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, here are the top six reasons why Korean tourists keep coming:

1. PROXIMITY. Manila is just a three and a half hour plane ride from the Korean city of Incheon. If they leave in the morning, they still have half a day to enjoy the beginning of their stay in the Philippines.

Furthermore, whereas before, young people who wished to learn English would go to countries like Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom, today they prefer to enrol in English language schools in Philippines which is much nearer to Korea.

2. THE WEATHER. Sunny and bright, the weather in the Philippines especially in the summer months is something Koreans look forward to. It is a welcome respite from the very cold Korean climate.

3. THE PHILIPPINES’ NATURAL BEAUTY. Koreans really look forward to our beaches, ‘’It is something that they do not have much of in their country,’’ Durano confirms.

4. A DIFFERENT CULTURE. While Koreans and Filipinos are both Asians, their cultures and traditions are very, very different.

5. SPONTANEOUS HOSPITALITY. We are not called the hospitable race for nothing. In the Philippines, Koreans discover hospitality in the truest sense of the word.

6. FESTIVALS. Like the Philippines, Korea is a land of colorful and pompous festivals. The thousands of festivals the Philippines celebrate enthrall Koreans to no end.

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