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Afford Your Dream Vacation
Source: Manila Bulletin
Date: 2010-10-27
Everyone needs a vacation. That’s right! Vacations mean days of relaxation, fun, brunch and worry-free nights. And when stressful days at work and being in the city start to take their toll on people, most begin to dream about their dream vacations and imagine themselves heading off to that place right away.

Unfortunately, scoring a pleasure worthy vacation takes a lot of planning and, sometimes, lots of money. But before you stop dreaming about that vacation you desperately need, here are some ways to help you make it become a reality without having to stress over the simple things that you need like money.

Set a realistic budget for your vacation
Decide on your budget and work on it. Estimate amounts needed for your vacation activities like sight-seeing, food, accommodation, your destination and even your flight expenses. This way, you can set aside your funds ahead of time and feel more comfortable about locating your vacation destination.

Of course, you may already have a target destination in mind, research about the place and how much fund you’ll need to enjoy a worthwhile visit to these places.

Identify the kind of vacation you want to enjoy
You are the only one who can tell yourself how to enjoy a vacation and what activities would suit your holiday – whether you want a beach location, a scenic spot or a bustling area of the arts and culture. Once you’ve identified the vacation you want, it would be easy to plan your activities.

For beach locations, summer would mean that more people would like to cool off in the sand and booking resort accommodations and flights may be essential. For big city vacations, there are a lot of places in the world to go and see and you probably have many places on your list. Decide what kind of sight-seeing you like to do – whether you like to appreciate the museums in Paris or the architectures in Spain, you’ll surely have a great trip in these cities.

Consider the seasons
Not exactly the weather seasons but more on the travel season trends. Paris empties out in August because of the summer holiday and tourists flock to Pamplona, Spain in July for the Running of the Bulls. During these times, it would be hard to score a cheaper holiday package since there would be a high demand. You can still visit places during their off-peak season and save much on your travel budget.

Scour the internet for all-inclusive deals
Aside from making your vacation planning easier, all-inclusive packages can give you the best prices. Don’t worry about getting your dream vacation on promos. You’ll still be going to that place while saving some penny. Flights on mid-weeks can also be cheaper than on weekends and booking your flights on days when travel is slow would be an advantage on your part.

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