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Traveling A-Z: Zamboanga
Source: Manila Bulletin
Date: 2010-10-27
October 27, 2010, 11:18am

The colorful flowers around the province define the beauty of the province. More popularly known as the city of flowers, Zamboanga is one of the biggest provinces of the Philippines.

A charming and colorful culture welcomes the tourist as they arrive into the province eagerly awaiting a wonderful adventure in the Mindanao region. Known for its diversity of people and culture, Zamboanga ranks as the sixth most populous city in the country but is considerably not overpopulated as it is also the third largest province in Philippines.

Being one of the most populated provinces in the Philippines, Zamboanga has become the center of economic activities in Mindanao. The province takes pride in its transportation advancements with an international airport and modern seaport that cater to nearby provinces and neighboring countries.

From great diving escapes or a simple historical tour, the province has more than just one way of entertaining tourists. Its long bond with history makes it one of the most informational city tours in the country.

But more than just an educational destination, foreign tourists mainly go to Zamboanga for the numerous diving sites scattered along its coast. There are exactly 28 small islands along the province’s coast. The most prominent dive site in the province is the Santa Cruz Island which is famous for its colorful fish and corals.

Fast facts:

Local Dialect: Zambuangeño Chavakano,


Dia de Zamboanga – A commemorative celebration of President Quezon’s declaration of the province as a chartered city. Considered as Zamboanga’s foundation day, the festivity is celebrated on the 26th of February.

What to see:

Fort Pilar –created in the early 1600s, the place originally served as a garrison during the Spanish era but has now evolved into a museum and a shrine in honor of Our Lady of the Pillar, the Patron Saint of Zamboanga City.

Sta. Cruz Island – known for its pink white sand and the powdery white beach.

Dakak – One of the most famous beach resorts in the province and considered to be the best beach in Zamboanga.

Sinilog Island – One of the most admired destinations in the province and slowly emerging as one of the best dive sites in the country.

Pasonaca Park – Over a century old but continues to be one of the most visited parks in the province for its colorful flowers and plants.

Serenity Falls –A scenic falls located between Pamucutan and La Paz

Cawa Cawa Boulevard – the province’s own take on a relaxing view of sunset along the street.

How to get there:

Zamboanga’s port has a scheduled passenger trip Cotabato, Dipolog/Dapitan, General Santos, Pagadian, Jolo, Bongao, Isabela, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Bacolod, Manila as well as neighboring countries. There are also direct flights to Zamboanga via major airlines from Manila.

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