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Keep Safe While Traveling
Source: Manila Bulletin
Date: 2010-10-20
When traveling, most people just think about the places theyíre going to see in their destinations, the food theyíll eat, the structures theyíll visit and the place where theyíre going to stay. After all, taking a holiday is like breathing fresh, new air that one shouldnít be worrying about all the other things.

However, when traveling, it is best to take into consideration oneís safety, especially when youíre visiting a place for the first time and everything is practically new to you.

You must be able to keep yourself as well as your money, passport and other belongings safe and close to you to experience a hassle-free vacation. Tourists often fall prey to thieves who take advantage of their complacence, and sometimes naivetť, while on the road.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while youíre traveling.

Donít act too much like a tourist.
While you really are a tourist, you donít have to let everyone know that. Avoid doing obvious behavior for a tourist like holding a giant map and consulting it on every corner that you happen to find yourself into. Familiarize the area beforehand by looking at maps before you go to your destination and start asking people who have been to the place to help you make your way inside that city easier.

If you can help it, donít ask for directions from strangers on the street. Also keep those flyers and hotel brochures inside your pocket and when taking pictures, act like youíre just admiring the place and youíre not too excited to pose in front of it.

Itís good to have company.
When youíre alone, youíre most likely to become a target for thieves and criminals. So when youíre traveling alone, try to blend in with other tourists to keep criminals who would plan on doing you no good off your back. Donít be too friendly to cab drivers and locals you meet on the coffee shop in the corner and keep private information to yourself. Just share minimum information.

When travelling as a group, itís best to have someone in the group to act as a guide for better protection for everyone in the group. Also, donít try act like you know the place and wander around the place alone. Make use of your companions and always travel in pairs.

Remember: Money is your friend.
Besides your luggage and belongings, the main target of criminals would be your money. So donít advertise where you keep it. Purses are okay as long as you can carry them close to your body. You can also keep one under your clothing so as not to attract attention to it. For wallets, itís best to keep them inside fastened pockets. Donít worry about having a hard time getting it out; at least thieves will have the same problem.

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