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Boracay Body Search finals held today
Source: Inquirer
Author: Monica S. Gutierrez
Date: 2001-04-28
FOR many people, their idea of a perfect vacation is white

sand, crystal clear waters, the sun and the surf. Relaxation.

Just enough of a burn to show that you went to the beach

this summer. The best beach to go? Why, Boracay, of


Today, April 28, 20 young men and women who just

happen to have great sets of pecs and abs, will be doing

precisely that. Although one doubts if they will be anything

but relaxed throughout their stay at the beach. These 20

men and women are going to the Pearl of the Pacific Beach

Resort to vie for the top prizes of the Boracay Body Search

2001, so relaxation is not on the top of their agenda.

The 20 finalists of the Boracay Body Search 2001 were presented to the media

last April 18 at the Grand Boulevard Hotel on Roxas Boulevard. This is the

contest's second year, after a very successful tilt held last year.

According to the organizers, they are looking for men and women who possess

well-toned physiques that have been untouched by medical and surgical

alterations. In other words, no visits to Dr. Bello, no doses of steroids to attain

those bulging muscles. Everything must have been gained through sheer hard

work at the gym, rigorous dieting, or any other natural health regimen.

The contest stresses this because the organizers want to focus on the natural

beauty that the human body can attain. Besides, what is the point of celebrating

the human body, if it has been tampered with by medical science?


The rigorous eliminations were held at Hard Rock Café‚ last April 2, Mas Y Mas

last April 4, Limits Disco on April 5 and at Two Bistro Bar last April 6. After this

series, the organizers came up with these 10 men and 10 women, who will

compete tonight.

The male finalists are Ronald Villar, Frederico Nepomuceno, Tristan Supelena,

Gerald Navarro, Jefrey Navarro, Joel Tarca, Oscar de Guzman, Jonnel

Custodio, Joel Esmeralda and Edward Bantegui.

The female finalists: Natalie Tuazon, Midsy dela Cruz, Rocele Bergonia, Paula

Tesoro, Arlene Son, Mary Grace Lacson, Eliza Raymundo, Precy Pinaroc ,

Estephanie Centino and Kimberly Gonzales.

This batch of contestants was not bad-looking at all. All the male contestants had

beautifully maintained bodies. It turns out, a few of them work as gym instructors

as well. And there are no chicken-legged candidates! The male contestants all

had well-proportioned bodies, with leg sizes appropriately matching their chest

sizes. Press favorites were candidates who possessed not only a beautiful

physique, but a beautiful face as well.

Boyish appeal

In the male category, the press rushed to interview candidate No. 4, Gerald

Navarro, who with his boyish appeal is a Onemig Bondoc look-alike. Candidate

No. 7, Oscar de Guzman, is into rapping, and comes out on "Keep On Dancing."

Candidate No. 8, Jonnel Custodio and dusky Joel Esmeralda, Candidate No. 9,

a graduate of Physical Therapy from UST, were also favorites.

Both Joel and Jonnel are ramp models. It was quite obvious who among the

candidates have had modeling experience as they knew how to carry themselves

and project an air of confidence.

The female candidates were all quite gorgeous (unlike in some contests). Press

favorite was candidate No. 6, Mary Grace Lacson, who not only has the looks,

but possesses the fullest figure among all the candidates. She is a veteran of these

contests, having joined the Calendar Girl contest on TV, placing third in the finals.

Candidates No. 3 (Rocele Bergonia) and 4 ( Paula Tesoro), walked down the

ramp with attitude, indicating past modeling experiences. Candidate No. 5 Arlene

Son, also a former Calendar Girl, also caught people's eyes.

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