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Boracay offers pleasures even for landlubbers
Source: Inquirer
Author: Anton San Diegeo
Date: 2001-05-06
I WAS not expecting a spa in Boracay

especially one that is world-class but I was in

for a surprise.

The Mandala Spa, situated by a cliff and

overlooking the pristine beach and azure sea,

truly offers a respite and haven for tired city

dwellers. The spa, which opened about six

months ago, has for the moment four villas

where one can have a massage, facials, body wraps, etc. The place is beautiful

and serene. Instead of going for the Balinese look, the owners opted for a

Filipino touch in the interiors. They have melded the therapeutic philosophy of the

Europeans with the relaxing, Zen-like practices of the East.

The spa has water shiatzu (the hottest mind-body relaxation/therapeutic technique

in California). It will soon have a parlor, offer healthy cuisine and have more

villas. When in Boracay this is a must place to go. You will surely not regret it!

My Boracay experience. It’s my first time to go to Boracay and I absolutely

loved it! Anyone who has been there has surely gushed over the sand and cool

emerald green water. I was with good friend Maurice Arcache and we were

asked to judge the Bikini Open held at the Pearl of the Pacific. Hardworking and

untiring PR Keren Pascual was also there promoting Vodka Cruisers (great

drink!) and Blavod. We partied with him and his models till sunrise.

This really is a fun place to be—think nonstop parties and beautiful sunset and

bodies. Thank God that most Filipinos are body-conscious these days. It helps

make the scenery better. One can never get over Europeans who wear the

skimpiest Speedos despite their beer belly. When they sunbathe they look like

beached whales but, of course, no one wants to help them. Aside from the

Mandala Spa, my favorite place to hang and people-watch was the Hey Jude

bar. For the best coffee and arroz à la cubana go to Caribo. As I write this,

off-the-shoulder publicist Louie Cruz would have opened his newest

restaurant/bar in the D’mall area, so check that out, too.

However, there were some disappointments. Since this is one of our country’s

major tourist attractions, I was a bit dismayed by the lack of organization on the

island. No garbage cans were visible on the beach and people were throwing

their cigarette butts, water bottles, plastic—I even saw a Pampers diaper—in the

water. I feel that whoever is in charge should work together with resort/bar

owners to preserve Boracay’s ecology. Give every arriving visitor newsletters or

brochures explaining how to preserve the beauty of the place. Officials should

draw up stricter regulations for dealing with garbage offenders.

And what’s with the roads? They are just plain horrible. The tricycles also rip off

unwary passengers. I hope something is done soon. This really is such a great

place and I would not want to see it be over-commercialized or exploited.

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