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Sun Village reflects the colors of Boracay
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: None
Date: 2001-05-07

There's nothing more relaxing than basking under the

tropical sun while the cool sea breeze whispers its

enchanting tune, making one seem lost in an endless

abandon of fun and excitement.

This is Boracay Island – the country’s premier gateway that

promises utmost relaxation, unlimited festivities and pulsating

nightlife all rolled into one. There is always something for someone

on this exotic island famed for its sugar-fine white sands.

Now, a new boutique resort opens its doors for all those longing to

witness the Boracay Experience. The Sun Village showcases the

colors of Boracay Island with all the amenities and comfort it offers

to travelers the world over.

Situated on a hilltop with the lush tropical greens forming a

dramatic backdrop, The Sun Village has 12 fully-airconditioned

rooms, each fitted with its own toilet and bath.

The ingenious use of native materials, primarily bamboo especially

sourced from Aklan adds local touch and a more relaxing


Guests can likewise sample sumptuous Filipino and Asian dishes

at the SunCafe, while art connoisseurs can marvel at the Oriental

arts, crafts and antiques that accentuate the main house and


Getting that golden-brown complexion is just a three-minute walk

and one can instantly while away the time under the sun. Just

don’t forget to bring your sun block!

As for the more adventurous, various marine activities can be

enjoyed to the fullest such as snorkeling, diving and

island-hopping, while others can shop for souvenir items at

adjacent shops.

Night owls can likewise party ‘til they drop with nearby bars and

watering holes open for partying under the stars until the wee

hours of the morning.

Experience the fun, the excitement and the tranquility of the island

in just one place. The Sun Village is located at Bo. Manoc-Manoc,

Boracay Island, Aklan. For reservations, call the Boracay office at

036-2885484 or the Manila office at 893-9355 and 816-3109. You

may also send fax at 812-4797 or e-mail at or

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