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Miracles of Our Lady of Manaoag
Source: Inquirer
Author: Josephine Darang
Date: 2001-05-28
THE MOST amazing thing was related to me by artist-framer Johnny Soriano during the opening of Pancho Piano’s exhibit at the Ayala Museum last May 18. I never knew that Johnny was deeply devoted to our Lady of Manaoag.

When he went home one time in the early ’80s to their barrio in Masical, Amulung in Cagayan Valley, he joined the procession of Our Lady of Manaoag who was the patroness of their barrio.

The image was donated by an old lady from Ilocos Norte. The carroza had no battery, so it could not light up. But the amazing thing was the carroza was lighted throughout the procession. To this day, Johnny cannot explain it.

Foreigner cured of cancer

A certain Mr. Fisher from Bangkok, Thailand, came to the Philippines when his company assigned him here. He met and married a Filipina and had children with her. In the ’80s, his company suffered bankruptcy and he lost his job. He learned about Our Lady of Manaoag and drove up to visit her. He prayed to her for help and that she might intercede for him to have a son as his wife was pregnant at that time. His prayers were answered.

In 1991, he and his family went back to Bangkok. He constantly prayed to Our Lady of Manaoag when he was struck by cancer. His prayer was answered. He is now healed. The picture of our Lady, which he bought way back in the ’80s, is still enshrined in the family altar.

Our Lady of Manaoag in Cebu

OUR Lady of Manaoag

Fr. Rey Talaugon must be very blessed because his parish in Moalboal, Cebu province recently received the image of Our Lady of Manaoag. The good priest had always wanted to visit her shrine in Pangasinan, but he was never able to do so because he could not afford the cost of the pilgrimage.

Now, he does not only have the image donated by Al Arriesgado, but he was able to travel to Manaoag on May 2 for the Diamond Jubilee of the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady. His trip was sponsored and he was able to concelebrate during the Mass, together with 50 other priests, seven bishops and two archbishops.

The San Juan Nepomuceno Parish is nestled in a coastal town, 90 km south of Cebu City. On enthronement day on May 6 at 11 a.m., the church was overflowing with people. Fr. Patricio Apa was there from Manaoag. The Our Lady of Manaoag Choir of Mandaue sang during the Mass. The altar was decorated with white flowers. Father Rey’s heart must have been full to overflowing.

Nuestra Señora de Guia marks feast

MAY 19 is the fiesta of Ermita when the people celebrate the feast of Nuestra Señora de Guia, the oldest Marian image in the Philippines. May 19, 1971 was the day when a Spanish soldier found the image being venerated by natives on the spot where the church now stands.

This year’s celebration headed by Msgr. Jerome Reyes seemed very special. The vestment of the Virgin had been changed to white and blue with touches of silver. It was designed by Bert Mondragon. Her beautiful face now stands out and can be seen clearly by devotees who look up to her when they pray.

The hermana mayor this year is Babes Encarnacion with her daughter Wilen Jo Encarnacion as the capitana. The church was full and many people joined the procession afterward. It was led by Tony Adriano, parish council president.

The streets of Ermita were lit up by the passing procession. People in the streets watched and prayed when the Virgin passed by. Like of old, people come to pray to the Virgin for safe voyage or for help in the procurement of visas to other places.

As her title implies, Our Lady of Guidance is also like Our Lady of Antipolo who is Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje. It was to Nuestra Señora de Guia to whom I prayed for a US visa in May 1992. I promised that I would walk in her procession if she answered my petition. I got a 10-year visa.

Sta. Rita de Cascia procession

I WALKED with Oskar Peralta and a new friend, Brenda Henson-Vicente, after the Mass honoring Sta. Rita de Cascia last May 22. There were more people this time during the Mass and procession.

When the saint was brought back to the church, people waited for the blessing of red roses. I was standing there looking up to the saint when someone handed me a rose. Ester Rivera just gave me the sign I needed for an answered prayer. More people gave me roses afterward and the arrangement is now on the dining table where I am typing this column.

Sto. Niño de Providencia celebration on June 16

TO MARK the transfer of the image of St. Niño de Providencia on June 16, 1992 from the house of Cora Gonzales to the chapel near it, the devotees of Sto. Niño will celebrate with Lorna Gonzales, caretaker of the chapel, with special prayers and sharing of food.

It will also be the birthday of Dr. Rodolfo "Boy" Gonzales, brother of Lorna, who was the victim of an inhuman and crazy stranger on the night of April 4, 1982.

Boy, who was serving as an intern at the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital at that time, was asked by a fellow doctor to drive her home using her car. Her house was near the Labor Hospital. On his way home, someone struck the doctor in the head with a heavy metal instrument. Boy was in a coma for three months.

At the outset, he was a goner, but the prayers of his mother, Corazon, and many people revived him. Through patient healing and ministration, Boy is alive today. Although he is aware of his surroundings, he cannot talk.

There must be a reason this happened to him--a tall, good-looking and dedicated surgeon. Where his clinic was to be is now the chapel of the Sto. Niño de Providencia.

It is ironic that the chapel has been the repository of prayers for healing, while Boy himself is waiting for a miracle. Carmelites in Bacolod told Lorna that her brother is the "saving soul" of the sick who go to the chapel.

Nothing is impossible with God. Let us pray that Boy will be normal again. His doctor now is Ofelia Adapon.

Seminarian needs help

SEMINARIAN Rommel Arce is a second-year student at the Nazareno de Jesus Seminary in Borogan, Eastern Samar. He needs help to be able to continue his studies for the priesthood. Please write him at the above address, if you want to help.

St. Gabriel, not St. Michael

ERRATUM: In a previous column, I wrote about the encounter of a Filipino visionary with St. Gabriel, but the title inadvertently mentioned St. Michael the Archangel as the one who appeared to her.

Children want to go to school

TWO high school students in Culion, Palawan want to continue with their studies, but their mother who is a laundrywoman cannot afford to pay the tuition fees for both.

A salutatorian high school graduate wants to go to college. He has passed his entrance exams in UP Diliman. Those who want to help can beep me at 141-020543.

Pilgrim image of Our Lady Manaoag

THE PILGRIM image of Our Lady of Manaoag is in Manila. Churches that want to be visited by the Virgin can call Jovita Sy at 687-2546/48.

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