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RP eagle project gets
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: Lynda B. Valencia (Pna)
Date: 2003-01-04
American Express (Amex) recently donated $10,000 to the Davao-based Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to continue its long-term support to the efforts in saving the Philippine eagle.

In November last year, Amex also donated $25,000 to support the conservation efforts of the PEF.

The great Philippine eagle is the flagship species of the Philippines and the most widely recognized symbol of environmental movement in the country.

Because of its status at the top of the country’s forest ecosystem, it is watched as a key indicator of environmental health.

The Philippine eagle was one of the rarest, largest and most endangered birds of prey in the world when the movement to save it started.

Over the short term, hunting of this endangered species ranks as the most serious problem. In the long-term, fragmentation and degradation of the lowland rain forest poses the greatest threat for the survival of this national treasure.

Although the Philippine eagle is at the center of the conservation efforts, the PEF is also widely involved in the conservation and protection of large natural areas which, in turn, results in the conservation of other species sharing the forest habitat with the eagles.

The $10,000 donation of Amex this year is geared towards the conservation education projects of PEF, which are directed at furthering support for action-based initiatives by increasing public awareness on and understanding of raptors and their environments.

Ian Fish, Amex country manager said, “The Philippine eagle is one of the most magnificent of the Philippines’ wild creatures. It is truly a symbol of the astounding array of life-forms that makes this country unique.”

He added, “Amex feels that we should all work together in keeping the progress in conservation efforts at its peak. We hope that other organizations will help support this healthy cause.”

On the other hand, PEF president Carlos Pedrosa said “We are pleased to acknowledge another donation from Amex for our conservation education project. The active involvement of our partners like Amex inspires us to continue working to make a difference. Their help fuels and sustains our work.”

The donation extends the longterm commitment of Amex to the preservation of the Philippines’ culture and environment plus supporting education.

In past years, Amex also donated to the preservation of other Philippine natural treasures like Angono Petroglyphs, the Kabayan mummies, restoration on San Sebastian Church and the conservation of the whale shark or butanding.


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