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The tamed beaches of San Juan, Batangas
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: Jaser A. Marasigan
Date: 2003-01-21
La Luz Beach Resort

Located below Mt. Daguldol, one of Batangas’ highest mountains, is La Luz Beach Resort owned by Rommel Marasigan (sadly, we are not related).

The resort is spread over a 300-hectare land with a “nature theme”, housing century-old trees in its “mini-rainforest”. It has five cottages, made from native materials, particularly the bamboo, with two rooms each. Each room is equipped with its own

private toilet and shower, and queen-size beds. They also have a family-size cottage, complete with its own kitchen, dining room and even a maid’s quarters.

All cottages have a balcony to better appreciate the gorgeous view of the clear waters. Guests may also enjoy the resort’s natural spring and its marine sanctuary where they could go diving or snorkeling.

Kabayan Beach Resort

The Kabayan Beach Resort, originally “Laplaya”, changed its name after the owners learned that there is already such existing name of a resort in Agoo, La Union.

Ideal for company outings, the resort is located along the Verde Island Passage of the Tayabas Bay. It has nine cottages with three different sizes which can accommodate from two to 15 people. All cottages are semi-furnished, wher

e guests may even cook their own food. Guests may play volleyball, go jetskiing or set a bonfire for their outdoor activities.

Balai Resort

My personal favorite, the Balai Resort, is very attractive to foreign tourists because of its very cozy atmosphere and laid-back “feel”. It is like your having coffee and hanging out at your favorite coffee shop.

The resort usually hosts parties and offers activities like trekking, fishing, snorkeling, surfing and jet skiing. Guests may also get a full-body massage for only R250 from their liscensed reflexologists. This two-year old resort only entertains a small crowd, giving the impression that reservations are limited.

Dreamland Resort

Dreamland Resort and Hotel in Barangay Janao-Janao is touted as a fun kiddie destination. Sitting on a one-hectare land, it boasts of facilities tailor-made for the kid’s enjoyment, making it an ideal venue for children’s parties.

Resort owner Edith Sagaray said they are constructing a new hotel with 13 rooms and is due to open early this year.

Bahay Marikit

Inaugurated in August 2001, Bahay Marikit is a 10-minute drive from the town proper and is noticeable for its use of pastel colors as finishing. The half-a-hectare resort has a conference room, dining areas, pools and rooms patterned to a townhouse.

The seven rooms or units were made with a personal touch from the owners Myrna and Armando Mendoza. Each room are differentiated by their Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and Filipiniana themes. The rooms can accommodate a maximum of eight people and it has a supposed “open-air” bathroom with a “mini-garden” inside, giving you the feel of bathing outdoors. Plans to propagate butterflies and fireflies in the resort is on the works.

Laiya Coco Grove

Laiya Coco Grove, considered as one of the premier resorts in this part of Batangas, boasts of a 10-km. shoreline, pools, lagoon, camping area, nature park and airconditioned cottages and tree houses spread in its 150 hectare land.

Its main attraction, the tree houses, can accommodate a maximum of eight people. The resort also has a conference room good for a maximum of 40 people. Aside from the usual recreational facilities like basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, kayak and snorkeling equipment, it also has a golf driving range, a mangrove swamp, an obstacle course trail and their local version of a cable car called “chair lift”.

These beach resorts offer two types of tour packages: Day Trip Package and Overnight Package. The Day Trip Package ranges from R500 to R4,000 inclusive of day accommodations, meals and use of resort facilities. Overnight Package which ranges from R1,500 to R10,000 cover accommodations, three full meals and a number of marine and land-based activities (visits to lagoon, caves, mangrove tours and bird watching), marine sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, boating, diving, mountain trekking, wildlife observation and horseback riding.

Locals and tourists who wish to stay in any of these resorts can contact Tina Decal of Adventure Tours and Destinations at tel. no. 245-4854.


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