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Lifeís a beach in Bohol
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: By Mars W. Mosqueda Jr.
Date: 2005-01-23
Bohol continues to fascinate international and domestic tourists with its rich cultural, natural, and historical wealth. Its wonderful Chocolate Hills and amazing Tarsiers are among its best sellers. Add to that the centuries-old churches that line up its main roads and the extremely warm and hospitable Boholanos.

Another wealth that surrounds Bohol are the various beaches that boast of crystal clear turquoise waters, fine white sands that squeak when walked on, and resorts that offer world-class services.

So when I was looking for a good place to laze around and vegetate while the coconut trees sway in the sun, Boholís beaches immediately conjured in my mind.

Bohol remains to be an island that strives for further development but maintains its natural, classic setting ≠ trees line up its roads, hills are still green, less pollution, less trouble.

Iíve been to Bohol several times. But going to one of its world-class beach resorts was a new, exciting thing for me.

Even before coming close to the shores of Tagbilaran City, Boholís capital, a showcase of terrain that is a magnificent landscape of rolling hills, rice fields, elongated sugary-white coastlines, and crystal clear sea waters greeted me along with the early-morning sun.

Bohol is like a jade brooch set on a velvet-blue sea. Its fertile land has hills that roll gently around lush forests and grassy meadows. Marine life Ė from schools of tiny reef fish to bigger pods of dolphins and whales Ė teem in the surrounding waters.

"Maajong Pag-abot!" (Welcome!) A Boholanoís version of greeting visitors and frequents hang in streamers as our boat docked in the newly constructed port of Tagbilaran. The friendly gestures of locals selling Kalamay and peanut kisses were as warm as the early morning sun.

A short bus-ride brought me to the island of Panglao, home of Bohol Beach Club, the only first class resort in the Island, a seaside sanctuary for beach lovers and scuba diving enthusiasts.


A lovely stretch of white sand guarded by the swaying palm trees caught my attention the first time I sat foot in Bohol Beach Club. The place was quiet, the cool wind was rushing back and forth, and tourists took naps in hammock along the shoreline.

The place is a world-class resort and mini park combined. Going to the different guest rooms of the resort brings one to a gathering of beautiful tall trees and various floras lining up the sidewalk. Songs from different kinds of birds, that make Bohol Beach Club their home, can be heard Ė it was like walking in a mini forest just a few meters away from the enticing seawater.

The resort, part of the Tambuli group of resorts, offers world-class amenities and more than 60 guestrooms that surpass international standards. And just recently, Bohol Beach Club inaugurates its conference hall that is actually the biggest in Panglao Island.


After taking a dip at the crystal clear, blue water of the resort, my curious feet brought me to the enticing swimming pool. Iím actually not a good swimmer but the water was so inviting that I ended up splashing into the pool.

Life on Bohol Beach Club is not confined to the beach. It also has facilities that include a pool bar, beach bar, restaurant, swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, scuba diving, glass bottom boat, tennis court, billiards, darts, chess, table tennis and backgammon.

The restaurant overlooking the sea also serves sumptuous Filipino cuisine that will surely tickle your senses and fill your tummy. Seafood, straight from the sea, is heavenly to taste!

A day was not enough to enjoy nature at itís fullest in Bohol but I have to go home and get back to the hassle of everyday work. While the bus rushes to the Tagbilaran port, my mind plays the images it gathered from my short stay at the Bohol Beach Club.

Indeed, lifeís a beach in Bohol, and Bohol Beach Club offers an ideal escape from the hassle and dazzle of civilization.

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