Amanwana, meaning “peaceful forest” is located on the island of Moyo east of Lombok and Bali in Indonesia. Set in a secluded cove overlooking crystal clear seas and surrounded by a lush tropical forest, Amanwana is a nature camp and hideaway for those who want to experience pristine wilderness in supreme comfort. 
An official wildlife reserve since 1976, the island offers a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. The vegetation on  the island ranges from semi-open to heavy jungle. There is a great variety of trees, such as native teak, tamarind, fig, coral and banyan. Animal life includes rusa deer, banteng buffalo, boar, monkey and bats. Birdlife consists of the white breasted sea eagle, barmity kite, osprey, megapod and other species of wild birds. The surrounding seas contain many colorful corals, of both soft and hard varieties, including, staghorn, gorgonian fans, sponges and plate coral. Fishlife is similarly plentiful, with baitfish, pelagics, morays, lobster, parrotfish, barracuda, small reef sharks, blue spotted and eagle rays. In addition, dolphins, turtles, giant manta rays and the occasional whale can be seen.  

The tropical climate provides a year round temperature of 27 to 30C (83 to 88F). There are two distinct prevailing seasons: the monsoon or wet season from December to March, and the dry season from April to November.
Time Difference
 Indonesia covers three time zones. Moyo island is eight hours ahead of GMT.
The national language is Bahasa Indonesia (although there are 350 languages and dialects spoken in the archipelago). English is commonly spoken around commercial centers.
Resort Facilities
  • The Dining Room offers a combination of both Indonesian and western foods
  • Bar and lounge
  • The Shop provides a selection of traditional crafts, textiles, jewellery and clothing
  • The Library offers books, magazines, games and audio cassettes
  • The watersports center is equipped to cater for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and includes an ocean front boardwalk with freshwater dipping pool
  • The Jungle Cove provides a relaxed setting for a variety of indulgent massage and beauty treatments
  • The Music Pavilion offers a selection of music in a comfortable environment surrounded by the jungle.
Activities and Services
  • Excursion by boat and off road vehicle to the pristine waterfalls located in the islands interior
  • Fleet of vessels either for charter or on scheduled cruises for sport fishing, bottom fishing, diving or sight seeing
  • Sunset and starlight cruises
  • Lake canoeing on Satonda Island
  • Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving including instruction and certification
  • Drop off to remote beaches including a picnic lunch and refreshments
  • Fish feeding
  • Guided treks include bird watching, and flora and fauna appreciation
  • Beachcombing
 Resort Highlight – Jungle Cove Beauty Treatments
Amanwana has developed the jungle cove massage area, ten meters from the waters edge and, under the tamarind trees in the jungle, guests relax and enjoy a traditional massage. Also on offer is a selection body treatments. Choose from a seaweed or herbal body scrub, a unique Sumbawanese “Barodak” or a sea salt bath, all designed to help guests unwind and enjoy the nature on Moyo Island.
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