Country Club Road, Baguio City, Philippines


The Baguio Country Club hails from an immensely rich history of more than one hundred colorful years in the hospitality industry. The Club's remarkable 100 years of existence was celebrated in the year 2005 where its humble beginnings, memorable events and fond memories were cherished in a historical marker- a recognition by the National Historical Institute and was captured in a time capsule.

Established in 1905, the Baguio Country Club has earned its reputation not only as one of the most prestigious membership Clubs in the country but most importantly as a cradle of historical events.

What started as a one-room shack is now the most celebrated venue for social and business gatherings, family get-away, lovers rendezvous or simply a place to rejuvenate weary mind, body, and soul... away from the hustles and bustles of cosmopolitan living.

Express Service

Offers unique services with a human touch. Conceived in November 1999, the EXPRESS SERVICE DEPARTMENT is the very first of its kind in Northern Luzon. Main mission is to provide service at the touch of a button. It offers not only club services, but outside services as well such as ticket reservations, city tours, restaurant reservations, and any requirement you might need. Our Express Service Coordinators ensure that all guests' needs and requests are delivered promptly and completely.

Butler Service

In this age of electronic communications, there is nothing that can match a dedicated and personalized service. The BUTLER SERVICE was created and launched in December, 2002 to further elevate service standards and most specially to make your stay as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

Club Mates

The Club mates, enthusiastic and energetic at any given time of the day, are more than willing to be your acquaintance and companion be it at the golf course, swimming pool, gym, bowling, ping-pong, video game station and even Nintendo Wii.

Customer Service Office

Experience warm greetings and hospitality by our Customer Service Officers. Dressed in “Filipiniana” or “Cordilleran” inspired costumes sweetened by a sincere smile to create a favorable impression from the moment you arrive until the time you check-out.



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