Guests arriving at Herald Suites step into an atmosphere that is distinctly Old World. One is reminded of the ambience of a gracious turn of the century Filipino house. A strong sense of tradition is reinforced by various Philippine arts and crafts that have been understatedly blended into the hotel’s design and decor.

Ideally located in the business and financial district of Makati, the hotel is close to the Ayala and Greenbelt Commercial Center, the country’s most prestigious shopping and entertainment center. Nearby are head offices of top corporations as well as banks. Like many of Europe’s boutique hotels, Herald Suites combines small hotel intimacy with big hotel service. With 60 tastefully furnished rooms and suites; Herald Suites provides accommodation for both business executives and travelers. Within the hotel is a small Business Center and a Meeting Room plus the Meridian Lounge and two restaurants: Hatsu Hana Tei (Japanese) and the Coca Cafe.

Opened in 1997, the hotel has set itself apart from other hotels of its category in a number of ways. For one thing the hotel provides all the comforts of home and showcases the best of Filipino traits and traditions in everything from service to surroundings


Where I'd like to Be is Herald Suites' tagline, it also embodies a set of corporate core values and guiding principles that the Herald Suites employee lives and works by. It is a reference point for all employees to focus their daily actions and decisions.


To be a leading elegant and distinctive hotel in the standard category that will offer excellent service, accommodations and value for money.


To eventually be recognized as a reputable brand in the Philippines and throughout the Asia Pacific region. A stay at Herald Suites is an experience in traditional Philippine hospitality and graciousness. The hotel showcases the best traditions in its operations and surroundings.


Herald Suites offers polished and personalized service. Everyone from the chauffeur to the front desk clerk and the bellman love you, their hotel and their co-workers. It's a quality of service given with mutual respect for the customer as well as the quality of their interpersonal relations. The Herald Suites employee's actions are principle based and mission led. Everyone is responsible for customer service.

This shared vision is what sets Herald Suites apart, by managing its corporate vision through personal development programs for its employees as well as managing a responsible public image for itself, Herald Suites remains uniquely distinct in its category.

Think intimate. Think exclusive. Think private. Think flexible use. Seminars, corporate planning meeting, workshops, product lauches, wedding receptions, press conferences

Think intimate. Think exclusive. Think private. Think flexible use. Seminars, corporate planning meeting, workshops, product lauches, wedding receptions, press conferences

Herald Suites’ Palmeras with its elegant Colonial inspired interiors is the perfect all-weather space for your functions: cocktails, intimate gatherings, corporate parties, family celebrations, seminars and workshops. Its high beamed ceilings give it a feeling of airiness. Depending on your needs, Palmeras can be transformed into an elegant venue for everything from a small wedding reception to a conference or classroom-type set-up with state-of the-art presentation equipment for workshops and forums. It can accommodate up to 80 people.

The traditional boardroom can accommodate 12 persons. Located at the top floor of the hotel, its wooden moldings and parquet flooring lend a feeling of warmth while the antique lithographs of Philippine scenes on the walls lend historical distinction and character befitting a corporate boardroom.

A cozy space decorated along the lines of the hotel’s classic interiors featuring Philippine hardwood, cut glass mirrors and marquetry. It can accommodate 10 persons. The Meeting Room is ideal for small close–door presentations, interviews and focus group discussions. Its flexible table arrangement allows for either a U-shape set-up, small classroom set-up or the conventional board meeting type of set-up.

It's a world altogether its own, Herald Suites, The charm and the feel of an Old World haven .... Burnished wood reflecting the warmth of home....

Unique Features:
Single, twin, or double bed

Unique Features:
King Sized Bed

Unique Features:
Queen-sized bed

Unique Features:
King-sized bed, Receiving area


Cofa Cafe offers a cozy, private ambiance and an exciting menu prepared by one of Manila's leading chefs.


Hatsu Hana-Tei will bring you spring in authentic japanese cuisine


Enjoy the warm, sundued ambiance, soft jazz and standard sounds, makes it a comfy-cozy nook far removed from the harried noise of the city/




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