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Eagle Point Resort
Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines

It is a breathtaking piece of nature where the land meets the sea. Clean sea air... pristine waters with an abundance of sea life... fantastic panoramic view of the bay... exquisite sunsets and rare moonsets... It is serene, magnificent and adventurous.

A little over two (2) hours drive from Manila, on the tip of the Calumpang Peninsula and on the southern mouth of beautiful Balayan Bay, majestically sits a luxurious haven,

The resort offers facilities to accommodate even those that do not dive. Comfort and privacy is what guests can expect with us. Sitting by the sea and surrounded by flowers and trees, the natural beauty will take hold of you. Many guests have said that it was like being transported to a far exotic island but still be conveniently close to Manila. 


EAGLE POINT's centerpiece is the Main Core, consisting of the front office, the restaurant & bar, air-conditioned conference room, gift shop, game room and the kitchen. Its design is based on the Samoan Long House, where gatherings are held. The Main Core's interior is graced with a very high ceiling supported by thick Narra wooden beams and trusses. From its high vantage point, guests are treated with an overwhelming majestic view of the sea. 

The restaurant can boast that we have the best food in the area, matching the quality of that of the five (5) star restaurants. Guests have a variety of choices from our menu. For our menu covers seafood dishes, continental and oriental as well as Filipino cuisine, guaranteed to delight your palette.  


Main pool area is located on the north-end of Eagle Point between the Main Core and the Terrace Hotel. It is essentially a double level swimming pool connected by a fun 30ft water slide.

The main deck and swimming pool [3ft deep] are usually where the adults hang out while the kids prefer the upper pool [2ft deep] with its waterfalls. Of course, the waterslide is the main attraction for all.

Drinks and snack food can also be had at the poolside Nipa Bar. Wifi is also available for those who need internet access. The Main Pool area also has shower rooms and game room equiped with a billiard and pool tables. The game room is located on the second level adjacent to the kids pool.

From the swimming pool deck down a short flight of stairs to our our watersport pier next to the Safety Stop Dive Shop is our Reef Pool. This pool is about 12 feet deep. For easy in and out access, six broad steps descend about 4 feet down. For many of our guests, this pool is a real attraction mainly because they get to swim with baby sharks!

Beside being a launching pad and training tank for novice scuba divers and snorkelers, the reef pool was concieved for those who were afraid to swim in the ‘big blue sea’. So, what we had in mind was an extremely large aquarium filled with different sea creatures where you can swim in it with no fear.

Located on the south-end of the resort is our South-End Pool facility with bar and coffee shop. This is good news for the guests staying in our Cottages and Native Cabanas which are just a short walk to this new facility. For the guests staying in our Terrace Hotel who want to use this pool? No problem! Just hop on our golf cart and you’ll be easily transported there.

Take note that this facility was built to accommodate large group outings so that our individual guests can enjoy the main pool area without the distractions of the group’s events. Guests will get a better view of the distant island of Maricaban as well as its smaller cohort, Sombrero Island. Also, during those rare times when the atmosphere is just right, the bigger island of Mindoro looms even clearer in the horizon.


- GIFT SHOP Don't forget to drop by our GIFT SHOP concession owned by Elizabeth Asbury. Her shop has all the things you'll need from souvenirs, film, toys, candy to other personal items. 

EAGLE POINT RESORT offer facilities to accommodate even those that do not dive. 

- GAME ROOM (Did we mention we have a gameroom? For those who like to play, we do have a billiard, Ping-Pong table and a dart board. 
- BEACH PAD ROOM Bigger than the Loft Room with One (1) Queen size orthopedic bed
- WALK-THRU AVIARY For bird watchers, EAGLE POINT offers the largest walk-through aviary in Batangas. In this 3/4 acre enclosed netted area, the owner has collected numerous rare tropical birds that are indigenous and those from other parts of the Philippines. Great place for guests to take a quiet afternoon stroll. 

- BOAT RENTALS for Island Excursion / Diving If you want to spend a day at a sandy beach, you can rent a boat (banca) to Sombrero Island, Layag-layag, Cemetery and Red Rock beaches (located on Maricaban Island). These destinations are about 15-20 minutes away by boat. We recommend you have a picnic on Red Rock beach which is the only one with picnic tables. These boats are independently owned and charged on a per-trip basis. To avoid burning a hole through your pockets, plan your trips wisely. We advice that you make your boat arrangements at our front desk.. 

To rent the jet ski (wave runner), you are required to have a valid credit card for insurance purposes. Ask at the front-desk for more information. 

- ESPLANADE 2000 Besides our usual services (front desk, bell, restaurant, etc...), we also do have in-cottage massage services as well as other exotic facial and skin treatments. These services are being provided by ESPLANADE 2000, who have partnered with us in providing for your comfort. In the near future, EAGLE POINT with ESPLANADE 2000 will have a new 3-storey European Spa complete with steam rooms, Jacuzzi, massage facilities, an exercise gym with state-of-the-art equipment and a health bar.  
- HORSEBACK RIDING Check back soon with Eagle Point. Our Horseback riding facilities should be completed by late this year.  

- RESORT SERVICES Take note that when you ask for room service there will be a 30% service charge added to your bill. Also, we do accept Amer. Express, Visa, Mastercard and Diners' Club. 

We realized the hassle of going to and from the cottages and the Main Core (restaurant), especially if you forget to make an order. So, we have set-up an intercom system connecting the cottage area to the service area. Just ask the front desk clerk for more information. 

Oh, by the way, we do have cellular phone (located in our front office), just in case you need to call Manila.  


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