Mandala SPA and Villas
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608, Philippines


This renowned wellness resort and spa has been nominated Best Wellness Retreat at the 2006 SpaAsia Crystal Awards and has received the Baccarat AsiaSpa Awards 2005 for Destination Spa of the Year and Spa Treatment of the Year, and the SpaAsia Crystal Award 2004 for Best Rejuvenation Program in Asia. The idyllic private estate offers luxury villa accommodations and award-winning holistic spa therapies in an exclusive tropical sanctuary.

Deluxe Spa Journeys, Wellness Holidays, Cleanse and Detox Retreats, Romantic Getaways, Yoga Workshops, Executive Retreats, Romantic Getaways and Day Spa Services fulfill the diverse interests and sublime indulgences of all guests. Treatments combine ancient, traditional Asian therapies with sophisticated, contemporary techniques to rejuvenate from the inside out, taking you on a personal journey to health, balance, radiance and vitality.

Mandala Spa & Villas ushers in a new era in spa culture, setting industry standards while leading the way towards enlightened spa service. The culture that prevades is one of beauty and wellness, serenity and tranquility, where each member of the staff as well as the guests are constanly enveloped in an environment leading towards personal growth.

Each moment spent at Mandal Spa & Villas, one sees the beauty of creation while healing and rejuvenating spa therapies become the vihicle by which one experience oneself.

At Mandala Spa & Villas, we believe that in our commiment to a better world, we will have made a difference.


In tradition of excellence, 12 esquisiteltcrafted villas, set a new standard for holiday accommodation on the island. In it's 94 square meter footprint, guests may now enjoy Mandala Spa's famed spa services and therapies within the privacy of their luxurious quarters.

Teak flooring, vaulted wooden ceilings, bamboo cladding, stone riprap cogon roofing, and italian bath fixtures characterize these villas. The interiors are walled in glass allowing a seamless flow between the lush tropical outdoors and the warm wooden finish of the interiors.

Experience yourself.

The Architecture. The lush tropical haven rests on a 2.5 hectare hilltop above Angol in Barangay Manoc-Manoc, on Boracay island, the Philippines.  Surrounded by an expansive space, in the most scenic and serene part of the island paradise, the prevailing atmosphere is one of serenity and tranquility, reflecting the lifestyles of the owners whose vision is to allow to experience Boracay in its natural grandeur, while having a nurturing and nourishing experience of themselves.

The architecture is based on blending a seamless flow of the natural environment with open spaces, and structures built to provide a continuous flow of energy with the indoor spaces where one enjoys the healing wonders of nature that surrounds them, and the healing natural wonders of holistic healing therapies.

The Resort Villas.  The Villas are nearly 100-square meters, with imported teak flooring, and vaulted wooden ceilings provide the perfect space where you can enjoy your favorite spa treatments in private, or perhaps have a yoga class or a consultation with our therapists. The interiors are walled in glass, allowing a seamless flow between the lush tropical outdoors and the warm wooden finish of the interiors. The bedrooms have stand-alone headboards, which are virtual pieces of art, intricate wood piercing and lattice-work.

The bathrooms brim with world-class luxury and modernity, furnished with Italian fixtures by Antonio Citterio designer of B&B Italia. The custom-made bathtub is the central feature of the bathroom. A specialized bath menu is available for resort guests to indulge in exquisite and holistic healing bath remedies designed by Mandala Spa – which combine the highest quality natural ingredients, ancient remedies, and unique and delectable sensual infusions. The shower bath experience is likewise made more exquisite with bath soaps, shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients, infused with essential oils and healing herbs.

Dining.  Prana Restaurant which serves vegetarian spa cuisine, is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm, and is open to the public.

Prana Restaurant offers a healthy culinary adventure infused with the Philippines’ rich medicinal culinary herbs and spices, a selection of sumptuous and refined vegetarian Filipino, Asian and European cuisine, in a symphony of flavours laid out and prepared in sheer elegance.

Spa. Mandala Spa’s award-winning spa offerings are considered as some of the finest in the world, by spa connoisseurs who benefit with each visit. All Mandala Spa & Villas offerings are especially designed with much emphasis on the natural and nourishing aspects of the experience. The combination of ancient traditions and modern Western techniques, and the therapists’ quality of touch and caring service result in unique, refined spa therapies that offer the best of both worlds, in a symphony of indulgences that deliver one to a lasting sense of well-being and relaxation



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