Be enchanted by the sheer beauty of five kilometers of sugary fine white sun-scorched sand, bathed by a tranquil turquoise sea, with a backdrop of swaying palms, set against clear blue skies. Perhaps enjoy a leisurely boat trip around the Island. Cliffs, caves, secluded palm-shaded coves and coral islets, nestled in calm bays, await you.

Boracay is the perfect spot for windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing, tennis, biking or just basking in the sun.

Immerse yourself in the delights of Paradise

Snorkel the pristine coral reefs. Search, discover and be enthralled by the colorful bounty of marine life that thrives in the warm crystal-clear water of the South China Seas-if you are more adventurous a full array of scuba diving activities are available.

Maybe relax the afternoon away in the shaded, tree lined courtyard, where the unique pagoda styled cottages of Nigi Nigi offer modern comfort set in a lush tropical garden. All with the convenience of en suite European-styled bathrooms.

As the glare of the sun begins to fade, the more adventurous may be tempted by a mountain bike tour or hike around the island, along rainforest trails and through picturesque villages. These activities can end in an evening swim or you might simply prefer to lose your thoughts in the majesty of an ocean sunset.

As the sea breeze subsides and the warm tropical evening draws to a close, treat yourself and "Taste the magic of the Orient" - select from our full range of island cocktails, expertly prepared from freshly picked exotic fruits.

Such a splendid day is sure to develop a hearty appetite so you are invited to try our very popular beachfront restaurant that offers diners a nightly special of seafood and oriental cuisine. Savor the sea's fresh harvest. If you wish to finish the day on the upbeat - sample Boracay's vibrant nightlife, set beneath clear tropical skies ablaze with a million stars. Evening till dawn offers an array of nightspots, including cozy bars, beach parties, discos and cultural shows.

When sleep finally beckons, perhaps order your favorite nightcap before retiring - to rejuvenate before the dawning of another enchanting day in Paradise.

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