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Caliraya Re-Creation Center
Brgy. Lowin
Lumban, Laguna


Caliraya Lake in Laguna, Philippines. It is the home to Caliraya Recreation Center, the first, if not the only, Christian family resort in Asia. Luxuriate in the cozy atmosphere of warm smiles, gracious service, and delicious foods. There is much at the Caliraya Re-creation Center that sets it apart from others. A haven to enjoy that offers both spiritual and physical refreshments. Nestled atop mountains a long the lake gifted with the breath-taking view of nature and an array of possibilities.

There are two ways to Caliraya. One from Makati through the South Expressway and the other, from Antipolo which you could take the zigzagging through the thickly forested rolling hills and rugged ridges of Rizal towns of Teresa, Morong, Baras, Famy and all the way to Laguna towns of Pillilia, Sinoloan, Pangil, Pakil, Paete and finally Lumban where the unique lake is located. The travel time to spend to a distance of one-hundred-and-ten kilometers from Manila was two-and-a-half hours. The resort is also accessible by public transport.

The resort began as a desire of the missionary couple to expand their youth camping ministry into something more suitable for large conferences. The 7.6 hectare property was purchased by their mission called the Word of Life in late 1980s from the National Power Corporation. They began development of the property in the early 1990s.

The Caliraya Re-creation Center since then has become one of mainstays of Caliraya Lake as tourist destination. It has a land area of 76, 000 square meters of fine landscape and scenery, the three-level hotel is the largest in the area. It offers over seventy counts of air-conditioned guest rooms with each room good for five to six persons. All the rooms are equipped with their own toilet and bath, hot water and afford guests a view of the property.




Marine Sports

If you do visit the Caliraya Lake, you can see people windsurfing there, for this is one of the activities you can do in this place. There are also some people who even brought their own speedboats and jet skis, while some are with their canoes and kayaks. If you do not have any of these precious things, there are resorts along the Caliraya Lake for you where you could rent jet skis and other equipments.

Boat Ride

One of the activities you might want to experienced at the Caliraya Lake is the Boat Riding. The best time for you to ride the boat is early morning and late afternoon, for you to avoid and not get exposed to the strong heat of the sun. Upon riding on the boat, you could see a lot of beautiful sceneries while you're there, so, it is better for you to bring your camera to capture every wonderful moment.


Caliraya Lake has a campsite with a variety of beautiful tents where you can stay. This is an ideal place for vacationists, nature lovers, and for people who really wanted to escaped the busy and fast-life of the metropolis.


If you are a person who loves fishing, well, this particular place is definitely for you. The Caliraya Lake has its fishing site for those who want fishing activities, and of course, cook then eat the freshly caught fish the way you want it.




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