Puerto Gallera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines




Tropicana-Castle resort is the best resort in Sabang. We provide you with accomodation, diving activities, restaurant, swimming pool and king status rooms, all air-conditioned and with all the services of the best resort.

Generously cut rooms with tasteful interior - air-conditioning, cover ventilating fan, TV, fridge and beds, in which it does not become really too narrow to you, offer you the relaxation which you need on vacation. Also the bathrooms are no " small chambers ", but in the noble marble tiled rooms with pool bath and additional shower. Here there is not enough nothing. The everyday "cleaning command", will provide you with the cleanness, you expect also constantly with sufficient towels in.


Between the dives (up to 3 dives daily - if necessary, even an additional night-dive) you relax in the pool and can be served by our staff with a drink (between the dives of course alcohol-free). After the last dive in the late afternoon, you have a stop at the pool bar which is served from below with a rope basket (pulley) in the best castle manner. You will take the meals in our restaurant which is one of the best in Sabang in the opinion of many guests. If you have booked half board, you eat in the morning and in the evening always "a la carte". In Dec. 2008, the new restaurant will be opened at the roof-terrace

Diving on the Philippine island Mindoro has many faces. From the easy dive for beginners up to the extreme diving in strong currents and big depths everything is possible. Underwater photographers and filmmakers find here lots of "actors" for impressive pictures of corals, Gorgonias, tonne sponges, whip corals and countless fish, which are found in a big number. Diving is possible for the whole year, the best time is from March to October. With the rocks of the Ostend in the Sabang Beach up to the Escarceo Point snorkellers will be also happy.


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