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Portofino Beach Resort

The fine beaches and excellent diving at Puerto Galera have been attracting tourists for some time. Many years ago it was recognized by zoologists and botanists as an ideal place to study the ecostructure of animals, plants, and micro-organisms in almost undisturbed natural conditions. In the 1970's the United Nations Man and Biosphere Program International declared Puerto Galera a natsure center.

The tourism infrastructure development of Puerto Galera began its development 20 years ago and it has resulted in a working relationship between the environmentalists and the developers. There is a low density development of quality tourist facilities including many Department of Tourism Accredited facilities serving the medium and upscale market. There are about 20 professionally operated, accredited scuba diving centers in the area whose dedication to preserve and maintain the eco-system as an attraction is successful. There are over 30 prime dive sites several of which are world class and all within a 20 minute boat ride from most dive and resort centers.

Puerto Galera has one of the most beautiful natural harbours of any spot in the world. Puerto Galera was the place of refuge for the Spanish Galleons in times of storm or for a recreational stop-over for the crews after months of international voyage when this was a gateway for the galleons on the way to and from Spain, Mexico, China, India, Sumatra and Java.

The local Excavation Museum has on display many artifacts from various Chinese dynasties. Mindoro, the island on which Puerto Galera is located at the North East coast, is named from a contraction of "mina del oro".....or "mines of gold" after the Spanish founded the local community with the consecration of the Church in 1572.

Within easy access to Puerto Galera are many places of interest including Tamaraw Waterfalls, Mangyan (indigenous native) villages, gold panning, island trekking in the jungle or climbing Mt Malisimbo. There is a golf course, having one of the worlds most spectacular views, 600 meters above sea level five kilometers West of Puerto Galera.

Water sports and scuba diving-snorkeling abound in the beach areas......sea kayaking, wind surfing, sailing or simply swimming in beautiful crystal clear coral cove waters off white sand beaches.

The international cuisine available in Puerto Galera is remarkable.....specialty restaurants serving the bountiful sea harvests and presentations by qualified chefs of German, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Australian, Korean, Japanese, Philippine and Continental origins.

There are over 1000 guest room or condo suite rentals available in metropolitan Puerto Galera which is comprised of about 6 different beach areas within a half hour travel from each other.

Portofino has its own fresh water swimming pool and a first class restaurant - bar facility fronting a white sand beach with the most popular snorkeling in all of Puerto Galera.

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