Club Noah Isabelle
Palawan, Philippines


Club Noah has a vision of nature and man living together in harmony.  Isabelle, the first Club Noah-owned resort, is designed to be a model-case for eco-tourism.  With administrative authority over one mile radius of the island, Club Noah has slowly brought the reefs of Isabelle back to life.  The presence of the rare Palawan  grey heron, the Palawan hornbill and the kingfisher attest  to the abundance of fish in the water. 

On land are playful otters and bearcats, and a rainbow of wild orchids color the black marble cliffs.

Isabelle is bursting with life. 

Just as Noah's ark became the last refuge for all living things in biblical times, it is Club Noah's vision that future generations will still bear witness to the marvels of nature and commune as one with them wherever there is a Club Noah resort. 
Club Noah- Isabelle takes its name from an old Spanish fort that sits near the harbor of  Taytay town in Northeastern  Palawan. Puerto de Sta Isabel, named in honor of Spain's Queen Isabela II, was built to protect the local townspeople from 18th century pirates.

Isabelle itself is an island refuge, tranquil and serene…. Where stars show off their brilliance to a ripe moon, and shells sparkle ashore on a sandy white beach.  Where rainbows and dreams start to stir….
Isabelle's air-conditioned cabañas are perched above the ocean where you can enjoy the sea breeze from the verandah while watching the sun kiss the sea and explode in passionate color.

Sit in the sun with a cool piña colada or romance the strings of a contrabass by the beach, then…. 

GET ACTIVE! Jump off one of the resort's floating platforms and dive into the world of napoleon wrasses and parrot fish.  Race out on the deep blue on kayak or windsurf! 

Optional activities such as water skiing and a tour of the caves offer a different adventure each day. 

There's a plenty of time to unwind later with a cool drink served by the mini-pool and jacuzzi as the night descends to the music of birds. 

A palette of food to tease the palate is spread out for you at Tropicana, Isabelle's main dining area,and bars are scattered throughout the island.  Climb the 109 steps that lead to the Rock Bar and savor the reward of breathtaking view of the bay! 

The colors of the sea,the sun,and the sky come alive at Club Noah-Isabelle.

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