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Considered as the country's sixth largest province, Quezon abounds with numerous potential and exiting tourist attractions. 

The nearest town of Quezon from Manila is Tiaong, which is only about one hour and 3 minutes away over good road. The town will most likely awe its visitors with its attractions, both developed (Villa Excudero) and almost untouched  

(Tikob Lake). The mystical Mt. Banahaw continues to attract not only pilgrims but curious travelers as well. Farther down south, one can have a choice between the forest of Quezon National Park and the beaches of the coastal towns which dot the province.  

The relatively short distance between Quezon and Metro Manila should make the attractions in the province more feasible for tourism, specially for the towns which are located in the western part. Because Quezon is also part of the route to the Bicol Region both by bus and by train, its towns which serve as stop-over points for the travelers can benefit much in terms of revenue generated by accommodation and dining establisments.  

Brief history. Quezon was at one time under the jurisdiction of various provinces. In 1585, the central protion was divided between Laguna and Nueva Ecija, while the other portion was divided between the provinces of Mindoro, Marinduque and Camarines.  

In 1591, Tayabas was created into a province under the name of Kalilayan. On March 12, 1902, the civil government was established in Tayabas with Lucena as its capital. On June 12, 1902, the district of Principe, formerly under Nueva Ecija, and the district of Infanta, including Polillo which was under Laguna, were annexed to Tayabas. On September 7, 1946, Tayabas was renamed Quezon Province.  



Malagunlong Bridge (Tayabas). It is considered to be the oldest one in the town which was built by the Spanish colonizers. However, it is not very clear if it was constructed before or after the town church which was built in 1585.  

Kutang San Diego (Spanish Fort). Located at the town proper of Gumaca near the pear. The only remaining structure built under the supervision of Franciscan priests during the later part of the 18th Century. It was erected to help guard the town against sea pirates who may invade the area.  

Iskong Bantay Watchtower (Atimonan town proper). It was built by the Spanish authorities as a watchtower to warn the townsfolk of Atimonan of impending attack of pirates from the sea.   

San Antonio de Alcala Park (Maharlika Highway, Gumaca). The park features a promenade area facing Lamon Bay and the neighboring island of Alabat.  


Gintong Yaman Ng Quezon Museum (Provincial Health Building, Capitol Compound, Lucena City.) The museum houses a collection of the memorabilia of former president Manuel L. Quezon. A large section of the museum contains the personal belongings of the former prominent people of the province.  

Maria Cristina Park (Maharlika Highway, Atimonan). It is a promenade park with an area of 200 sq. meters built along the Lamon Bay area of the town of Atimonan.  

Perez Park (Capitol Site, Lucena City). It is seven hectares of fully-developed and well-maintained area located at the heart of the provincial capital. It features a children's playground, beautifully landscaped garden, and man-made cave.  

Malatunglan Dumagat Settlement (Sitio. Malatunglan, Gen. Nakar). It is an established Dumagat Settlement under the auspices of the Catholic Church and the local government of Gen. Nakar. There are about 22 families in the area.  

Trained instructors also educate the Dumagat people in a school building nearby. 
Pahiyas sa Lucban, Quezon - A colorful festival highlighted by the procession of San Isidro Labrador. The people of this picturesque town decorates their houses with crafts such as kiping, hats and suman as a thanksgiving to the patron Saint for countless blessings and bountiful harvest. 



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