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Found on the eastern shoreline of the Philippine Islands, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Deep, Siargao offers the very best of the what this country has to offer -- coral reef islets, white sand beaches, emerald lagoons, mangrove rivers, palm trees, rice fields, rainforests, cliffs and caves.

Because of its remote location, the island has remained relatively unspoiled over the centuries. The weather is constant year-round with an average temperature of 30 C. Although there are no great variations in climate, it can be divided into two seasons, the rainy season (December to February), which is characterized by periodic rain showers, and the dry season.

Siargao has a total land area of 30 km. x 25 km. The highest elevation of the island is 283 m. The western and southern parts are mostly large expanses of mangrove swamps. The other parts of the island are rainforests, islets, and lagoons.

There is a wide range of wildlife in Siargao. There is the tarsier, for instance, which is the smallest primate in the world, the Philippine macaque and the green turtle.

The locals speak Surigaonon, a dialect of the Visayan language. They are predominantly Catholic and earn their livelihood mostly from fishing and copra farming. They are very hospitable, friendly and peace-loving.


Pansukian has three room categories: the superior tropical villa, the tropical villa and the garden cottage. All have air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and queen-sized beds.

The superior and tropical villas are enclosed in private gardens, have huge verandahs and rooms, mini-refrigerators, and spacious bathrooms equipped with hot water. The main difference between the superior villa and the tropical villa is that the superior villa has a bathtub and separate enclosure for the toilet.

The garden cottages are much smaller than the villas. They are also air-conditioned and have ceiling fans, but their bathrooms, although private, are detached without hot water.

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