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Here are the frequently asked questions about TravelSmart.NET, your one-stop on-line travel reservation.

> How do I make a reservation?
> What happens when my reservation is confirmed?
> What is an OPTION DATE?
> How do I pay for my TravelSmart.NET reservation?

> What happens after I pay?
> What is a Service Voucher?
> What do I do if I lose my travel voucher?
> What do BUSINESS DAYS mean?
> What if I have to cancel my reservation, are there any fees?
> What if I don't want to submit my reservation on-line?
> Can I make a booking from outside the Philippines?
> How do I Pay?

1. How do I make a reservation?
Here are TravelSmart.NET's easy-to-follow reservation procedures: a. To make a booking for a hotel, resort, car rental and airport taxi simply click on the "RESERVATION" button found at the bottom page of a particular hotel. Please be advised that reservations must be done at least 3-5 business days to allow the processing of your confirmation and payment.

b. Fill up the reservation form with all the necessary information then click on the "SUBMIT" button.

c. Expect a reply from TravelSmart.NET's Customer Support within two (2) business days from the day you submitted your booking request to give you an update on the status of your reservation.

2. What happens when my reservation is confirmed?

a. When your request has been confirmed, you will be sent a system-generated confirmation and payment details.

b. This will include an OPTION DATE (deadline) to finalize/pay the reservation that you made. Failure to meet the OPTION DATE will result in the cancellation of your reservation.

3. What is an OPTION DATE?An option date is the due date/deadline of payment given to the guest to settle his/her reservation.

4. How do I pay for my TravelSmart.NET reservation? HOTEL/CAR RENTAL/AIRPORT TAXI Hotel, Car Rental and Airport taxi does not have to be prepaid unless SPECIFIED. Credit Card details provided by the guests in the online reservation form are used as guarantee just in case guests fail to show up on the scheduled date of arrival. Settlement of the amount due for the said reservation/s takes place upon arrival. Please be advised that TravelSmart.NET only charges credit cards for hotel prepaid bookings only.RESORT / HOTEL Since all bookings have to be prepaid, payments can be made by the following methods:
a. cash - guest COULD visit our Manila office personally to make the payment.
b. Bank Deposit - through our Account - Bank Of The Philippines Islands
c. bank transfer - takes 7 days to clear
c. credit card - processed in 24 hours after receipt of guarantee documents; a bank processing fee of 6% will be added.

Please read our Prepayment Policies for more information.

5. What happens after I pay?

After pre-paying for your reservation, either hotel or resort, a Service Voucher is sent via email. It is important to print out this voucher and present it to the front office for proof of payment and services failed.

6. What is a Service Voucher?

A service confirmation voucher is a proof of your pre-PAYMENT FOR A RESORT OR HOTEL RESERVATION. It contains the details of the services you paid for. Any SERVICES requiring a fee that IS not stated in the Service Voucher will be handled by the guest.

7. What do I do if I lose my travel voucher?In the event that you lose your voucher and do not have an access to computer. Kindly state your name and advise the hotel and resort that you have a PAID reservation under Travelsmart.NET.

8. What do BUSINESS DAYS mean? Business days refer to the processing days of your request. IT IS BASED on Philippine Time and does not include weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and Philippine Official Holidays.

9. What if I have to cancel my reservation, are there any fees?HOTEL/CAR RENTAL/AIRPORT TAXI All reservation cancelled three (3) days before the scheduled date of arrival will not be charged with a penalty. Otherwise, a cancellation/no show fee equivalent to one day will be applied. RESORT/ASIAN PACKAGES/AIRLINE TICKETSSince all resort reservations are prepaid, corresponding penalties apply to any cancellation made after the option date depending on the prepayment policy or terms and condition of the resort. Cancellation Fees are not applied to any reservation cancelled on or before the assigned option date. Failure to pay on or before the Option Date means automatic cancellation of the confirmed booking.

10. What if I don't want to submit my reservation on-line? If you don't want to sumbit your reservation on-line, you can make the booking by printing the reservation form and fax the completed form to us at +632-896 4678 (ATTENTION: TRAVELSMART.NET CUSTOMER SUPPORT).

Please be sure to fill-out all the details necessary for the booking before faxing the reservation form. Please indicate your e-mail address/contact number clearly so we can get back to you for updates.

11. Can I make a booking from outside the Philippines?Since we are an online-reservation-system, boookings and inquiries may be done from anywhere. It is quick, easy, convenient and practical

a. To make a booking from outside the Philippines, simply click the "reservation" button found on the page.

b. Fill up the necessary information in the Reservatiuon Form and then click the "Submit" button.

c. Expect from TravelSmart.NET RESERVATIONS ( within 2 BUSINESS DAYS from the day you submitted your booking request.

12. How do I Pay?Payment can be made through the following:

a. Credit Cards (MasterCArd, Visa, American Express or JCB) are accepted

b. Bank transfer through Bank of the Philippines Islands

Once payment is made, TravelSmart.NET will send you an ELECTRONIC VOUCHER. Please DO NO FORGET to bring your payment receipt, or your electronic voucher, as this serves as your proof of payment.

Simply present your electronic voucher to the HOTEL FRONT DESK, or OFFICIAL TravelSmart.NET TOUR COORDINATOR, upon check-in or the start of tour. They will accept this as proof of payment.

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