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Power. Palace. And a shot of beer. (part 2)
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: Blooey P. Singson
Date: 2007-11-04
Of course, the highlight of the tour is the sampling of authentic Binondo cuisine, such as the El Filibusterismo-style tsokolate eh, rice bowls, dumplings, bicho-bicho and lumpia, guaranteed to fill you to bursting by the end of the tour.

Old Manila Walks also offers tours such as "Walls of THIS Content," featuring the cobbled streets and museums of Intramuros; "A FEU Good Men," a tour of the Far Eastern University, the single largest art deco complex in the city; and "Mounds, Magnates and Mausoleums," a Chinese Cemetery walk.

Dy had put together the series of tours after joining walking tours in cities all over the world, and realizing that there are no similar tours in Manila.

"Itís always a different feeling when the tour guides are natives who have pride in their city, so the walks cover areas that I know like the back of my hand," he explains.

Thus Old Manila Walks offer a memorable experience for both foreigners and locals alike, allowing you to venture behind the scenes for a real taste of culture and way of life that escapes the casual passerby or the mere tourist Ė as if a friend is showing you around his city.

As the sun sets on our San Miguel expedition, I canít help but feel amazed that we have covered so much ground in a few hoursí time, strolling at a comfortable pace yet soaking in the delightful history, heritage, and luxury that characterizes San Miguel.

I wonder where the next walk will take me.(Find out more about Old Manila Walks at

Nave of the San Sebastian Church which is a melting pot of cultures: Spanish design, Belgian steel, French fixtures, tiles from China, stained glass windows from Germany, and paintings and sculptural details by Filipino artists.

The San Sebastian Church, the first all-steel structure in Asia, which shares a link with the Eiffel Tower.

Ivan Dy, street walker and urban story teller extraordinaire, shows us a map of Old Manila

The Arlegui Mansion, used as a guest house by President Marcos and as a residence by Presidents Aquino and Ramos.

[ Chinese Cemetery Wiki ]

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