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Source: Manila Bulletin
Date: 2010-12-11
MANILA, Philippines — So, when was the last time you stopped and tried to appreciate the beauty of your city?

Composed of contrasting complexities, the capital of the Philippines is a fusion of the old and the new. It is one of the busiest cities in the country and is home to numerous historical and cultural icons.

Century-old buildings are located near new and modern malls. Historical landmarks are located beside a modern marine theme park. With a good mixture of the old charms and new beauty of Manila, the city continues to entice both local and foreign tourists who now have new perspectives about the city.

Parks and boulevards within Manila continue to be remnants of the charms of the Old World. The city walls of Intramuros and Rizal Park continue to intrigue foreign tourists while locals are finding new ways to view the said sites with the help of tour guides.

The city is also known for its energetic night life as places such as Malate and Ermita offer a lively way of spending the night in town. From bars, lavish hotels, cafes and art exhibits, the district remains as the hub of entertainment.

Feast of the Black Nazarene
The feast is known worldwide for the hundreds of thousands of devotees who attend the procession each year. It is celebrated every 9th of January.

Must See:
Rizal Park
The historic site has the statue of the country’s national hero Jose Rizal. Aside from being an important landmark of the country, the park is an excellent museum that exhibits the life and death of Rizal.

National Museum of the Philippines
The museum exhibits the culture and history of the country through various installations and artworks.

The Walled City is one of the most interesting places in Manila as it takes tourists into the charms of the old city. The former seat of colonial power features well-planned streets, fifteen churches including the Manila Cathedral as well as Casa Manila which is a restored colonial era house.

Manila Bay
The unrivaled sunset in Manila Bay continues to invite local tourists back to the bay as it has become a place where anyone can sit back and savor the moment.

Manila Ocean Park
A recent addition to the city of Manila, the park is the very first marine-themed park in the country.

How to get there
The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 serve as the main gateway to the Philippines from other countries, including domestic flights.

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