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Feast revives miracle that saved Macau
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: None
Date: 1999-06-10
June is one of the most significant months in Macau as it reminds the

local community of its long-standing links with Portugal and the

intercession of St. John de Baptist that led to Macau-Portuguese forces'

toppling of Dutch invaders.

Macau, located on the Southern coast of China and 40 miles from Hong Kong,

is where East meets West. Portugal colonized Macau centuries ago. As early

as 1513, Portuguese explorer Jorge Alvarez first set foot in Macau.

Every June 10 is Portugal's National Day. The occasion is marked by

ceremonies held at Camoes Garden to pay tribute to the country's greatest

poet, Luis Camoes, who once settled in Macau.

On June 12, Portuguese converge for a big bash, including folk dancing and

fado at the Forum.

The feast of St. John the Baptist, observed on June 24 yearly, is another date

highlighted on the calendar.

On this date, in 1622 the attempt of Dutch invaders to penetrate Macau was

foiled. The Dutch, firmly based in Batava (modern-day Jakarta), had set their

eyes on Asia and Macau as their conquest. The Dutch invasion was carried

out using 13 ships with 1,300 men on board.

As chronicled in history books, Macau's power - 50 musketeers and 100

citizens seemed no-match against the Dutch who came in full gear and force.

To stand a better chance in the battle, Macau beefed up its contingency by

erecting forts to guard the sea approaches, but they had not been completed.

A single cannon-shot fired by a priest from Monte Fort hit the Dutch

gunpowder store destroying much of their ammunition.

With all their might and gear, the Portuegese hit back and they were able to

vanquish the Dutch with "St. John's aid," according to their belief. The slaves

who fought with the Portuguese were later given their freedom.

Tiny Macau has a quaint appeal, with a population of 455,000 and land area of

22 square kilometers.

Every year, at least eight million travelers and traders from all corners of the

globe visit the place which is a crossroad for cultures, cuisine and commerce.

Whatever your interest or specifications are, Macau - less than two hours from

Manila via Air Macau - will not disappoint you. It has a string of activities from

A-Z to make your stay memorable to the hilt.

Then, Macau was synonymous with glittery casinos. But travelers who had

been to Macau swear that there's more to it than casinos.

If you go for culture, history, entertainment, sports, shopping, etc. Macau

beckons. You will have a fill of historic period edifices, some have Portuegese

architecture, while the rest have Oriental touch.

There are different museums, temples, churches, forts, and landmarks to

marvel at. The different races are all must-see. If shopping is one of your

weaknesses, well, here you will really realize the real meaning of getting your

money's worth.

Devaluation is an alien word here. Bargain hunters: This is the place to wind

up for best buys.

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Tours, Trans National and Thomas Cook. (Arlene Dabu-Foz)

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