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Boom Carnival opens Nov. 27
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: None
Date: 1999-11-22

It's time for the 'Party ng Bayan'


The Millennium Boom-na-Boom carnival starts its 'Party ng Bayan' on

Saturday, Nov. 27, when it opens with a grand entertainment production that

will involve a cast of hundreds. From four in the afternoon, that corner along

Roxas Blvd. and Buendia of the CCP Complex will be transformed into a fiesta

and a grand party which Boomna-Boom brings for the eleventh year.

A drum-and-bugle parade will provide the pace of Boom's clowns, jugglers, acrobats,

fire-eaters, fantasy characters, higantes from Angono, and hundreds of Hataw-Sayaw

dancers. All throughout opening night, these characters will spread the color,

movement and music of Christmas around the carnival grounds.

Organized by the Philippine Exhibitions and Themeparks

Corp. (Petco), Boom-naboom is a pet project of

Haydee MalicdemKwan, who has meticulously planned

for each of the carnival's features since it was born in


After the ceremonial ribbon is cut and the opening rites

are done, the crowd will be entertained by the Pop

Cola Concert which will feature Vanna Vanna with

band, Jett Pangan Group and the Eraserheads, with

Smokey Manaloto as the emcee.

Aside from the free entertainment that the carnival will offer everyday, the crowds

are expected to be drawn in by the 'Millennium Raffle ng Bayan' sponsored by RFM

Cororation. The raffle draws will give away 56 prizes everyday. A raffle draw will be

held every hour, from 6 p.m. until midnight. Prizes are 20 subdivision lots, 50 sari-sari

store products, Christmas giftpacks, and cash. Each entrance and ride ticket gives

the visitor a chance to win.

Around the five-hectare area of Boomna-Boom, 50 adult and kiddie rides will be

operating all night. The popular Cable Car ride which has been a favorite through the

years, is expected to have long queues because it provides a leisurely way of viewing

the whole carnival. Thrill-seekers will ride the Boomerang, Ring of Fire or the Roller

Racers which give new twists to the roller coaster ride. Those who are more daring

will challenge each other to take the Gravitron and the Vortex. The young teens will

enjoy the Disco Bump cars and Bumper boats.

Boom is also known for its many kiddie rides, among them the

Kiddie cars, carousel boats, and Kiddie train from Europe.

Aside from the rides, there will be the unusual attractions that

put some 'perya' spirit into this Christmas fair. These are the

shooting galleries, horror houses, water dunking, parlor games.

A more recent added attraction are the video and computer

games arcade, an off-shoot of the popularity of such areas in

the malls.

The holiday crowd will find most of what they need to do for

the season at the carnival site. For example, a wide area is

always set for the shopping stalls selling a wide array of gift

items, including toys. Food booths located around the carnival

make sure no visitor is left without a good choice of food and drinks. Park benches

and tables and chairs are also provided for a comfortable carnival experience.

This year, Petco is preparing for a bigger 'Party ng Bayan' on New Year's Eve. Picnic

tables and benches will be rented so families could be together to watch the grand

fireworks which Petco has prepared to welcome the new millennium.

Other special events during Boom na Boom are the Adidas Streetball Millennium Cup,

the Hataw-Sayaw contests; Little Miss Boom contest.

Special ride-all-you-can tickets will only cost P150, which includes free entrance and

a raffle ticket or P30 one free ride of your choice, free entrance and a raffle ticket.

This year's Boom na Boom is sponsored by RFM Corp., Orocan, Adidas, 96.3 WRock,

Monster Radio RX 93.1, NU 107, 89 DMZ FM, IAAPA, 93.9 KC-FM, and PHILTOWN

(Philippine Town Ships, Inc.).

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