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Rediscovering Taste of L.A.
Source: Inquirer
Author: Sandy Daza
Date: 2001-05-04
THE TOMAS Morato area is full of many interesting

restaurants. Just last week, we featured Katre, a

Mediterranean restaurant along Scout Rallos, which

has been eliciting raves from its many new diners.

Another dining place that has been around for many years now is Taste of

L.A. along Roces ave. and Tomas Morato. The place first opened along

Wilson in the mid-'80s as Pere Armand. It was a restaurant that transformed

into a bar later in the evening.


For entertainment, it was the then popular "Manila Band" performing nightly.

On the restaurant side, it was the tandem of Elaine and Jonet Galvez

"performing" in the kitchen.

Jonet and Elaine are self-confessed foodies. I would see them all over the

metropolis trying all kinds of dining places. Both love to eat and it is Elaine

who has a passion for cooking great-tasting food.

After their 'performance' at Pere Armand, they moved on to open Taste of

L.A. along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City. After many years, the place

transferred to A. Roces Avenue, where it is presently located.

On a recent visit, I realized what good food I had been missing during my

absence from Elaine and Jonet’s cooking. I first tried their lamb

stew--morsels of lamb leg stewed to a tender perfection and served with a

nice tomato based sauce. Delicious!

After that meal, I did a comeback with my family and enjoyed the experience

immensely. I had the Asian salad to start with--shreds of chicken breast with

a variety of julienne-cut vegetables and deep fried and puffed vermicelli

noodles served with a nice subtle Asian sauce. Different and an absolute



We also had the garlic lamb pizza with black olives, mushrooms, creamy feta,

rosemary and mint leaves. Delicious and also different.

The pizzas are baked in their one-of-a-kind oven that they inherited from the

previous owners of the place. Also worth a try. We then moved on to the

dessert, which often runs out because no one else makes them except Elaine.

It was an Orange cheesecake to floor any cheesecake lover!

There are many other interesting dishes on the menu. Jonet and Elaine have

come a long way! They are awaiting the opening of their new baby, a branch

at Pearl Drive in Ortigas. Check them out! Happy eating!

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