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Dive sites in Mindoro and Cebu Dive sites in Mindoro and Cebu
Source: Manila Bulletin
Author: By Lynda B. Valencia
Date: 2002-07-03
Mindoro, the seventh largest island in the country, teems with natural attractions. Its jagged coastline offers diverse diving possibilities. Its pink beaches, isolated coves, shallow reefs, steep walls and a great coral garden make it a haven for scuba-diving enthusiasts.

Apo Reef National Marine Park — This atoll-like reef 32 kilometers west of Mindoro is divided by a narrow channel into two lagoon systems (north and south).

Puerto Galera — There are dozens of coves, bays, islets and islands within 10 kilometers in any direction from Puerto Galera. Hundreds of years ago, these provided protection to Spanish galleons during heavy storms. Today, most have been developed to cater to tourists.

San Jose, Occidental Mindoro — This is the favorite jump-off point to Apo Reef Marine Park and Northern Palawan. A 30-minute morning jet flight to San Jose will bring you to several dive sites at Dungon reef, Ambulong Island, Ilin Point, Banaga Reef and Sardine Reef. Upon arrival, two dives can be done before reaching Apo reef in Northern Palawan.


Cebu, the “Queen City of the South,” is the oldest and second largest metropolis in the country. It is famous for its fine, sandy beaches, ancient forts, exciting nightlife and friendly, hospitable people. The people also boasts of fantastic dive sites and just a few minutes away from the Mactan International Airport. It offers luxurious accommodations, plus excellent diving facilities and services.

Mactan Island — The diving mecca of the south, Mactan has more than a dozen beach resorts with complete facilities. Dive sites along the edge of the island are very convenient for beginners and advanced divers alike. There is a slight current and a perpendicular drop-off which goes down 30 to 50 meters.

Olango Island Group — The western edge of this reef facing Hilutangan Channel opposite Mactan Island presents beautiful coral gardens and a dense fish population. The eastern side has better coral corners and more game fish. This dive site is recommended for experienced divers only.


Pescador island — The fringing reef is only 3 to 10 meters wide and drops off in sheer cliffs with depths of 3 to 33 meters.

Sa-avedra/Bas Diot — These sites are particularly rich in corals and have bigger varieties of fish than most Moalboal sites. There are interesting caves under the drop-off at approximately 24 to 30 meters. Large snakes can likewise be observed in the Bas Diot area.

Badian Island (Zaragosa Island/Badian Point) — Fishing activities in this area southwest of Cebu and south of Moalboal Island are limited, so the fish are surprisingly tame. Large sea snakes are likely to be seen on any dive, particularly off Badian Island.

Bantayan Island — The island is fringed with shoals and reefs which run southwest for 11 to 12 kilometers. Corals in deeper points are in good condition.

Gato Islet — The island’s shape, that of a sitting cat, gives it name. It has peculiar caves, lagoons and crevices that harbor breeder sea snakes and their young. Breeding season is from March to September.

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