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Tenth Largest Island in the Philippines

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Between Leyte and Cebu, in the south of the Visayas, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippine archipelago. It is a land of hidden wonders. Its historical significance goes back to the blood pact between the Spanish conqueror Legaspi and the Boholano chieftain Sikatuna.

In Bisaya, the regional dialect, the word "boho" means a hole. This may be referenced to the limestone from which the island was formed. The "bol-anon", who are the inhabitants of the area are an independent but very friendly people.

Chocolate Hills

Bohol is the home province of the fourth President of the Republic of the Philippines, Carlos P. Garcia, who was born in Talibon. You can get around in a number of ways once you reach Bohol. For short trips around the larger towns, the "tricycle" would help best. "Pedicabs", the human-powered tricycle, are encountered in smaller barrios. It may be slower, but definitely environment-friendly. There are also regular jeepneys known as "hari ng daan" or King of the Road, and buses travelling from town to town. Today, most visitors go to Bohol to see the famous Chocolate Hills. Agriculture is the main source of income of the Boholanos. The main crop is coconut, but corn and rice are also grown.


The Famous Chocolate Hills

The famous chocolate hills are popular for its unique appearance - the hills lie together side by side with almost the same size. These hills are a formation of nearly-identical, cone-shaped mounds located in a central valley of Bohol. There are hundreds of hills stretching out in all directions, scattered nearly to the horizon. The dry summer months turn the cogon grass that covers each hills from green to dark brown. This made its name.
  The beauty of the Chocolate Hills are best seen at dawn or dusk. During this times, the rays of the sun are the perfect source of light that give highlights on the hills, thus, make a clear and solid shadow on the other side of it. This makes the view a perfect stand out. Unusual thick white mist surrounds the base of each hill which only lasts for a couple of seconds, so, when you feel the light is perfect, don't miss the chances of grabbing your camera and take all the photos that you can. It is then, that the moment becomes truly memorable.

The trip going to the Chocolate Hills is a bit rough due to poor conditions of the roads. So, try to go there at the best times - dawn or dusk. It can make all the difference.

Whales and Dolphins

WhalesThere are a lot of species of whales and dolphins that can be seen year-round in the deep waters of Bohol. Whales can be so plentiful in some other places that sightings are virtually perfect. Visitors have come in contact with the spinner dolphins, Risso's dolphins, Frasers dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, melon-headed whales, pygmy killer whales, Bryde's whales, and giant sperm whales.  

It is the best time of a lifetime to come experience the adventure of getting to see these gentle giants of the sea. The best time to see whales and dolphins, like all other wildlife, is just after sunrise or just before sunset. 

It is not advisable to go far to watch these creatures. Those interested in whale watching trip should arrange for an experienced whale watching guide to ensure the safety and that you are taken to the right areas where you could have close encounters with the whales properly. 

Ananyana Beach Resort | Alona Kew Resort | Alona Palm Beach | Bohol Beach Club | Eskaya | Flushing Meadows | Lost horizon | Flights | Bohol Promo Packages

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