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PALAWAN is an island paradise, southwest of the Philippine Archipelago, amidst a cluster of over 1000 islets blessed with a tropical climate all year round. Palawan is popularly known for its white sand beaches, crystal-clear azure waters teeming with colorful marine life - a swimmer's delight, a diver’s destination, an angler's dream. It is also home to rare collection of exotic animals, birds and butterflies. 
Puerto Princesa City is the capital of Palawan. The city is located 306 nautical miles southwest of Manila. Travel time from Manila to Puerto Princesa City takes only an hour by plane with daily flights except during peak seasons like summer and December when there are two flights. Travel from Cebu and lloilo is twice a week and approximately one a half hours. There are several inter-island vessels that call on the port of Puerto Princesa City every week. Places of destination are Manila, Cuyo Island, Antique and lloilo City. Travel by inter-island vessels usually take about 24 hours. 
Ecology tours or ecotours, set Puerto Princesa City apart from other cities in the Philippines. The city spells ecology tours in a hundred different ways - a unique underground river here, scenic islands there, white sand beaches and forests everywhere. 

Nature trippers will find unmatched delight in the monkey trail a series of wooden steps going deep into the forest, a well-maintained patch lead to the central ranger station, where guest cottages and camp sites are available for overnight stay. The hike takes about an hour, but the sights and sounds along the trail make it worthwhile, and for some, even a religious experience. At the central station, early risers wake up to a cacophony of birds call.

St. Paul Subterranean River National Park 
Its main attraction is an 8.2 kilometer underground river, reputed to be the world's longest, that winds through a spectacular cave before emptying into the South China Sea. Cathedral chambers, wide hallways, and interesting geologic formations greet the wide eyed visitor to the grotto hidden beneath St. Paul Mountain. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing night to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards and squirrels find their niche on the beach forest near the cave. 
Just outside the national park, a wide expanse of beach awaits sun and sand worshipers in Sabang. Hike off to secluded coves in nearby Marte Fe and Marufinas for quiet reflections Mountaineers and rock climbers will find their thrill in Cabayugan, where limestone cliffs and sheer walls of rock dominate the landscape. Park rangers will guide adventurers to these sights. 
The park may be reached through a two hour ride from the City proper. A five-minute boat ride from Sabang, takes visitors directly to the underground river station, where outrigger boats await cave explorers.

Honda Bay 
Just thirty minutes North of the City proper, hop into a boat and go island hopping at Honda Bay. Take your pick from dozens of white sands beaches. Don your mask, and snorkel and peek into the rich marine life underwater. Dive sites abound here, as the entire area is studded with patches of coral and sand. Submerged reefs may be found close to the surface down to 24 meters, small reef fish and aquarium fish are found here. The area may soon be transformed into a marine life park and dive camp. 
Cleopatra's Needle 
     At an elevation of 1605 meters, mountaineers who reach the peak may feast their eyes on a postcard panorama of the city proper in the distance, Cabayugan and the coastline on both sides of the city. A four-day trek to the mountain begins in Taqnaya, a sitio of Barangay Concepcion, about an hour's ride North of the City proper. Along the way, the mountain unveils a visual treat of rivers strewn with boulders, cascading streams, awesome rock formations, a carpet of wild flowers and giant trees. Tabon Cave. It is located in Southern Palawan and is acknowledged as the "Cradle of Civilization" of the Philippines Nestled in the mountainous cape of Lipuan Island, the 29-cave complex is a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts and fossilized bones of the Tabon men. The fossilized skull cap of this Palawan native dating back 22000 years ago was found in Tabon, making it the oldest known habitation site in Southeast Asia.

Each island offers different thrills, Snake island has sand bar that slithers on the surface of the sea, much like the critter that bears its name. Bat Island, near the popular Cowrie Beach Resort, is literally teeming with bats which make their way out sundown to look for food in the mainland. Luli, a diving board attracts acrobatic types. Among the well known dive sites here are Pandan Island, which has good reefs near small drops-off, and Panglima Reef, where coral boulders and gray reef sharks are found.


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